After being asked to create an artwork for our Create to Construct art auction, Reverend Colin Jamieson became so inspired by the form and the significance of the jetty that he created 11 paintings.

We chose one for the Create to Construct auction - it sold for $875, 100% of which went towards rebuilding the jetty.

Colin gave two sermons featuring the jetty, including one displaying his artworks. Watch the video (2 minutes, 11 seconds).

The other 10 paintings are for sale via auction on TradeMe auction. All auctions end at 8pm on Sunday 28 April 2019. Put your bid on now! See our listings.

This is wonderful opportunity for anyone who missed out on a piece of jetty art. We will add links to the auctions on TradeMe once the artworks are listed. 50% of the proceeds from sales will go to the jetty rebuild and 50% will go to the artist.

Lot 1.png

Lot 1:

Gov Bay Jetty

510mm x 510mm (or 750mm x750mm)

Mixed media

Lot 2.JPG

Lot 2:

Parallel Lines

350mm x 280mm


Lot 3.JPG

Lot 3: The Sea

600mm x 500mm


Poem on back

I see the sea down there below
interminably Seasonless yet
Changing its awesome Beauty
and threatening
The rest of creation.
I wonder how the sea sees me
Here on golden summer hills
looking at floating islands
On the turquoise blue below.
Down there I’d be the intruder
Breaking waters of pleasure
Of fears and of pain
On the other side of birthing.
Colin G Jamieson

Lot 4.jpg

Lot 4: The Jetty

460mm x 460mm


Lot 5.jpg

Lot 5: The Sun Rose Out of the Sea

800mm x 350mm

Triptic in Oil

Poem on back

The sun rose out of the sea
Beyond the dragon’s head
Blazing from its mouth, flames
To ignite the remnant clouds
A giant beach bonfire in the sky
Blazing above hills,
Charred logs floating
On the blood red wine of the Port
Then as it mounted the sky,
The heat caught us again
In the Noon-day sun
Bleaching the hills
A golden velvet
Below the Nor’ West arch.
Just as soon it was gone
And the charcoal black
pure burnt out sky,
made a canopy overhead
Except for the twinkling embers
Igniting days in a million
other distant worlds
And leaving us to contemplate.
Colin G Jamieson

Lot 6.JPG

Lot 6:

Spiritual Incline

600mm x 500mm


Poem on back

I clambered up the hill that day,
Plod and heave through the mud and mulch
Of the bush’s ferny floor;
Planting one foot afore the other
gasping at view and effort
Until I emerged from the dark shadows of night
To meet Her on the summit,
The daughter of the night and darling of the day,
To create such a child from naught,
How deep is the night.
I gazed from that high place,
Across the vast waste waiting,
A painting to be finished
In my presence framed for the viewing
As a panorama,
That overflows the canvas and overwhelms the viewer.
The distant mountains
The plain below where rivers ply their way to sea,
And tiny toy towns
Dotting unlikely places do compromise
The View.
The sky sailing clouds and sea floating boats,
And then there was me.
How long I looked I cannot tell,
But the space and place knows well.
How I witnessed Her death,
As day lay down to sleep
while the curtain dropped after the final call;
We too shall pass away,
Slip over the edge of the earth;
As that dim light stretched our shadows,
As long as might be,
Into the deep dark void of the night,
I had never been beyond realms of time before,
Nor touched the hem of eternity,
I wonderer what all this might be and mean
But in that moment of the Dusk
I travelled, as it was, through all that’s vast,
The past, the present, to beyond and back,
Like journeying down those rivers
From distant ethereal heights to deep blue seas,
Simply, in the end, to know that here,
I am.
Colin G Jamieson

Lot 7.JPG

Lot 7: Explorers

460mm x 600mm


Lot 8.jpg

Lot 8: The Old Gum Tree

460mm x 600mm


Lot 9.jpg

Lot 9:

Piles of Layers

300mm x 410mm


Lot 10.jpg

Lot 10: From the Top Road

510mm x 410mm