Governors Bay Fete

30 March 2018

This page is for stallholders who wish to have a stand at the fete. Our aim is to have a mix of stall types, including community and commercial, selling a range of goods.

For the sake of the vendors and customers, we’re limiting the number of vendors selling similar products, including food vendors. Governors Bay Community Association reserves the right decline applications.

Our aim is to have variety for the customers and to make the event worthwhile for the vendors. However, we cannot guarantee that there won’t be another stall selling similar products. There will be up to 50 stalls.

Information for Fete stallholders

If you are selling to raise money for yourself or your business, the fee for a stall during the fete is $40.

If you are selling to raise money for your community group, we will not charge a fee but we ask for a donation towards the jetty of up to $40, paid up front.

If you are a community group raising money to donate towards the jetty, we do not expect a payment up front – we’ll talk to you about how to donate the funds after the event.

All stall fees are non-refundable. There is no postponement date for bad weather.

Stall size is 3m x 3m. If you want a bigger stall, you can have 6m x 3m but you will need to pay for two.

Please register your interest before 15 January 2018 and we’ll confirm your place (or let you know if we’re unable to accommodate you). We’ll send you an invoice or invitation to donate (if applicable) and once that’s paid, we will send you additional information, including the location of your stall.

Entry is by arrangement and payment in advance only, unless you are donating all proceeds to rebuild Governors Bay Jetty.

We only provide the grassy area. You’ll need to bring everything you need – table, gazebo, cash float, power, and water if you need them. You must take all your rubbish with you when you leave.

You will need to remove your car from the grassy area of the domain by 11.30am. There is parking nearby.

For further information, email

Application form

Please complete the form if you’re interested in being a stallholder.

By submitting this form, you agree to comply with the fete rules and the shared responsibility of the health and safety of everyone on Allandale Domain.