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Jennifer Neutze

I have been painting and tutoring professionally for many years, with group and solo shows throughout New Zealand.

From an early age I was drawing and painting and am self-taught having worked in pen and ink, and watercolours initially, then more recently in oils.   Trips overseas have sparked an interest in old architecture in Europe, and my paintings of buildings often have a whimsical style which is quite deliberate.

The landscape of Banks Peninsula is also an inspiration for my watercolour paintings in which the play of light on water is a recurring theme.

I am now retired and living in Governors Bay with my husband, Don, who has always supported my interest in art.     We farmed from the 1960s at Springburn and our four children were raised in a rural community.     In 1993 Don and I moved to Governors Bay for a change of lifestyle and have enjoyed twentyfive years living in a very beautiful part of New Zealand.    The Harbour Basin is blessed by residents who are proud of their community and willing to participate in projects which improve and enhance this little part of paradise. 

The Jetty restoration is an important goal and one which I wholeheartedly support.   

It has been very interesting to study a wide range of photographic images of the Governors Bay jetty and my oil painting suggests a summer’s day in which people will again be able to freely walk along the new planks of a restored “icon” of Governors Bay.