The hearing

So in line with the principles of democracy, not only do we get the chance to send the Council a written submission, but we get to speak to the Councillors and plead our case. These gals and guys are hearing submissions by their hundreds right now and must surely be weary.

Especially by 7.35pm on a Wednesday night, which is when we had our hearing.

Weary though the Councillors must have been, I think they perked up once they saw pictures of our jetty in its glory days, atopped by glowing wedding couples and surrounded by sunset and sunrise vistas so breathtaking that New Zealand should patent them.

We had ten minutes to speak to the Council about how we want them to help us to save the jetty. Simon gave a fantastic six-minute summary and then each trust board member stood up and introduced themselves and said how they could help.

You only have to read the Trust Board page to know that we have an interesting range of skills. Engineering, logistics, law, GPS pile driving systems, fundraising, and community wellbeing. And all of us have the determination to save the jetty.

Anyway, it seemed to go well. No-one fell asleep (unless they did so with their eyelids open). I'm slightly perturbed that the camera angle and lights revealed a silver streak in my hair. I will have a stern word with my mirror for not warning me.

You can watch our 10 minutes of glory on our video page.

So where to from here? We wait for the Council to make its decision. The final long term plan will be announced by the end of June and that's when we'll find out whether they've put anything in the kitty for the jetty.

Meanwhile, the Trust will have time to focus on fundraising. And I'll have time to get my hair dyed!