That was the year that was

Blimey! It has been almost a year since that public meeting where the Council told us there’s no money in the public purse to repair the jetty.

The Trust was set up in April 2015 and as well as all the screeds of paperwork that comes with setting up a Trust and a bank account (in progress), we’ve been quietly getting our ducks in a row. Last year we:

  • Presented our submission and 750 signature petition to the Council, which lead to $512,000 being allocated in the long-term plan and agreement for a community / Council partnership.
  • Set up this website and filled it with (hopefully) interesting stuff.
  • Started negotiating a Memorandum of Understanding with council staff (in progress).
  • Spoke to major contractors with marine structure experience who are interested in tendering (in progress).
  • Created a fundraising strategy and developed a case for support (going to print soon).
  • Propped up the bar at the hotel pretty much every Tuesday night for the last 11 months to discuss strategy, fundraising, Council partnership, piles, bents, and timber.

Things are coming together and we’ll organise another public meeting once the work in progress is ready to share.

2016 is promising to be a big year for jetty saving. We hope you’ll join us.