Jetty-saving brigade begins

It was a warm Sunday spring day that started pretty much the same as any other. Four loads of laundry were washed and hung out on the washing line with the best view in the world. Eight 'little gardens' (a New World promo) were sown with the help of a child, and the vegetable patch was weeded.

At 3pm in the afternoon, it was time to go to the pub. But this wasn't your every day 'pint of lager and a packet of chips' trip to our local establishment. This was the moment we'd all been waiting for - to officially announce the agreement with the Council, to give everyone an update on what's been happening and what our plans are, and to launch membership of the Trust.

But before the hoards arrived, there was setting up to do. Rex and son brought garden tools, which we've been selling as a quiet fundraiser (great quality for a great price, these are tools you can trust!). 

Phil sorted the screen and projector, lined up the garden tools like soldiers in a row, and displayed one of our signs on the mantelpiece (you may have seen them hugging power poles like koalas as you drive through the centre of the village).

Nick H prepared the Powerpoint and Simon arranged for his lovely wife Belinda to bring a print out of the agreement with the Council in case anyone wanted to peruse it.

I busied myself by removing the garden tool boxes from in front of the emergency exit and eliminating trip hazards.

Before we knew it, the room started to fill with bodies (living ones, thankfully). The sound of chatter filled the room, noises of people greeting friends, neighbours, and new acquaintances. Introductions abounded. There were 40-something attendees.

On 16 October 2016, 4.07pm, the room hushed as Nick H took the stand. He played a couple of clips of mayor Lianne Dialzel's comments during the Council meeting, like "I haven't got any questions really, I think it's just great!".

He then ran through the list of 'things we have done' in the 20 months since we heard the news, in the very same room, that the Council had decided not to repair the jetty.

Next Rex spoke about growing up in the Bay and how much the jetty means to him as part of this amazing place he is proud to call home.

A place where the Gebbie family has lived for generations, a family whose children have trod the boards of the jetty for over 100 years. Jetty jumping through the generations.

Then our guest speakers took the floor.

First off was Banks Peninsula councillor Andrew Turner, who is a vocal supporter of the Trust and the jetty project and was a huge help in securing the jetty ownership agreement with the Council.

Andrew talked about how this project is a great example of the Council and community working in partnership, with the community taking the lead with the Council's support.

Next Henry Couch and Manaia Rehu, representing the Rapaki iwi, shared their support for the jetty project. They have been fighting their own battles to protect our sea life, setting up mataitai reserves in the bay and taking action to prevent more silting.

They gave us their wholehearted support, and wished that they could give us the greatest gift for our silt-encumbered jetty - more water.

Phil rounded the meeting off with the rallying call - the Trust is now open for membership! Now that we have a deal with the Council that allows us to do the project (once $1 has changed hands), we need to get the project done.

That means all hands on deck and the best way to have hands on deck is to ask anyone who is committed to saving the jetty, to join the Trust.

Not only do you get a case for support (explains the cause, the project, and has loads of eye candy), a car sticker, and the right to vote for the Trust board, but you'll get regular (but not annoyingly frequent) email newsletters and you'll be the first to hear of any new developments. 

And, of course, as a Trust member, you'll be a part owner of the jetty (don't worry, we'll have liability insurance). 

All for $20 a year, which goes towards the next stage - fundraising for pre-construction costs, like a design options report and an underwater survey to investigate pile depth.

If you haven't joined us yet and want to, it's easy. Fill in the online form (there are hard copies too, on the mantelpiece at the pub) and you'll hear from us soon.

Nick H in full flow

Nick H in full flow

You too could have a car sticker like this

You too could have a car sticker like this