Sponsor a plank progress

194 planks generously sponsored!

What is “sponsoring a plank”?

Every donation, from $1 to $1 million, will help save the jetty so we can gift it to future generations.

The Trust is recognising those who donate $500 or more as “plank sponsors”. This means we will put your name, business name, group or club name, or short message on a plaque on “your” plank on the new jetty.

As always, we’ve done our homework. We’ll be using marine grade stainless steel with special screws to attach your plaque to a plank so it’ll last for 50 years or longer.

It might not cost you $500!

The Trust is a registered charity, so once you’ve claimed your charitable donation tax rebate, it’ll only cost $335.

What does the plaque look like?


By giving a generous $500 donation, you are making a significant contribution that deserves a physical recognition on the new jetty.

100% of your contribution goes towards the restoration costs because the Trustees are all donating their time, we have no paid fundraisers and no employees, and we are keeping admin costs to the absolute minimum.

Christchurch City Council is matching funds raised by the Trust dollar-for-dollar, so a plank-sponsoring donation of $500 is effectively $1000 towards the project, but will cost you $335 if you claim the tax rebate.

However, we realise $500 is a lot of money for a lot of people. If you want to club together with your workmates, family, friends, social group, sports club, or whatever, to sponsor a plank, get in touch and we will help coordinate it.

If a plank is above your budget, we understand. Every dollar helps - it’s amazing how it all adds up. See our donate page.